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Grief. Noun. Means “deep sorrow.” Sometimes it hits me harder than others. One person I know describes it as if my little siblings are dead. I don’t know why, but it makes me more upset. I’m glad they’re not dead, but I am so sad that they are still living at home with our emotionally... Read more »

Becoming Episcopalian: We welcome your brains

Fortunately, Episcopalians don’t want your brains in this particular way. Rather, we want your intellect. (I’m torn between saying “we” or “they.” I’m part of the Episcopal Church, but not officially received.) Bring along your questions, bring your dissent, are are welcome. Now, I’m not saying the Catholic Church doesn’t encourage intellectual inquiry. (Same issue... Read more »

Tight calves

I attempted to do a 2-hour long run on Friday, but ended up having to quit after 40 minutes because my left calf was really tight that it was painful. I tried pausing several times to stretch it out, but to no avail. I must admit, I probably got myself into this problem by not... Read more »

Becoming Episcopalian: my journey

My faith journey is taking me on a path I never thought I’d ever take. I was (and still am) very Catholic, but for a variety of reasons, I felt like I could no longer be part of the Roman Catholic Church. I will delve more into the reasons as I write, but yes, one... Read more »