How do you make time for more running?

My training is going pretty well. I have, what, 7 months left until the Chicago Marathon? Right now, I can easily handle 1 hour of running, and I’m slowly inching up to being able to do 2 hours more frequently. The problem is–how do I make time to run more often, and to run longer?

See, I work full time, and I’m taking two grad classes. So not quite full time school (3 classes) but it keeps me busy. I volunteer on Saturday, moving boxes around for a museum archive. I go to church on Sunday, and hope to increase my volunteering there.

Right now, I keep running out of time in the week to do more than 2 running sessions. This needs to change if I seriously want to improve my endurance for the marathon. I have some guilt, yes. I feel guilty for not spending enough time with my cat who has separation anxiety (yes, Joe, the one in the photo), for not cleaning the house as much, not spending as much time as I’d like with my husband, etc. You know, normal woman guilt. I need to take care of others.

But I also need to take care of myself. Caring for others to the detriment of yourself leads to bad stress and burnout, and lowers your ability to care. (In more than one definition of that word.)

Also, I’ve been sticking with the 1 hour runs because it’s easy and leaves me enough time to study of the evening…but I need to challenge myself more. I need to progressively run longer and longer, so my body doesn’t get into a rut. On the other hand, I need to balance it out so I don’t exhaust or injure myself.

And it’ll be a challenge with school. I want to be a Hermione. I stress out about my assignments if I’m not done a week in advance. I’m weird, I know. But I also need to be more of a Hermione with running…which means easing off of my Hermione-ness with school…that’s going to be quite difficult.

Hmm. Well. Today, I’m going to run for hopefully more than an hour. The only other problem with trying to run longer is that, well, it massages my digestive tract very well. Let’s just say that. You get the idea. So, I need to balance progress with, uh, the incredible ease of using the restroom.

Just thinking about random shit out loud. Haha, shit…you see what I did there?


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