I can see my progress!

First off–I’ve been pretty busy with grad school. I managed to finish the rough draft of a paper about an aspect of copyright law on Sunday, and I have a few more assignments to do in other classes. The end is in sight, and I can see my progress. I have only a year left of school, including summer class, before I can graduate in December 2012.

Secondly–the scale is slowly, ever so slowly, inching down. I’m not on a diet per se, but I am making more conscious eating choices. I still keep backsliding and drinking that one can of Dr. Pepper every work day, only because my body feels “empty,” as if I’m running out of glucose, or in this case, HFCS. I could eat a lot of fruits or snack on raisins, but Dr. Pepper just seems to hit that spot. Oh well–I am making healthier choices otherwise.

Third–my running is still going good. I started out jogging at 4.8 mph, but now I’m inching up to being able to run comfortably at 5 mph, and today I took it up a tad to 5.1 mph and ran for about 10-15 minutes at that speed. I’m also running a higher percentage of my time, too. I started out perhaps running and walking 50/50, but now it’s more like 70/30, or even 80/20 of the time, which is really decent if I do say so myself.

Fourth–stress. I’m still trying to beat stress back. It attacks my body in different ways. For the past couple of weeks, I think I had something like vasovagal syncope–I would have bizarre tinnitus, even in my cochlear implanted ear! I NEVER get tinnitus in that ear after it got over its initial tinnitus death throes. I would be lightheaded, and become extremely nauseous. Occasionally, I would lose all sense of balance, and had to literally hold onto something, my desk, a wall, to keep from falling over. I’m not 100% sure what would cause it, but a couple of times I would be reading news articles about child abuse when the syncope thingy attacked. Knock on wood, it seems to have gone away…then again, I’ve been cautious about reading too much description of child abuse.

Fifth–I’m working on a blog post about the Duggars and child abuse. I just feel extremely afraid for the children when they’re part of Bill Gothard’s cult. I don’t know if Michelle Duggar still practices this, but she would scare the bejeebus out of babies and hit them with a flexible ruler during the process of blanket training. It’s taking a while to write it up because I’m trying to organize and link my sources. I’m terrible about bookmarking sources, only because I can never find it in my bookmark list ever again. It’s easier to Google. And that is biting me seriously in the ass while writing this post.

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