Day 3

Yesterday, my husband and I were planning on going to some of the Open House Chicago sites, and I knew I would be too tired at the end of the day to run. So, I dragged myself out of bed early, drank some tea, ate a little bit of breakfast, and headed over to the exercise room.

It was a decent run, 2.5 miles in 35 minutes. I’m still holding steady with my 3.5mph walking speeds, and 4.7mph jogging speeds, but I’m slowly building up endurance. For example, at one point in my run I was able to run for about 10 minutes before deciding to take a walking break again. I felt so proud of myself. In fact, I was feeling positive and healthy that I thought for sure I lost a little bit of weight. (I fall in the overweight range on the BMI scale.) I didn’t, but the good feeling was still there. Perhaps as I continue on with my training, I’ll be able to fit into more of my clothes. I’m too cheap and poor to buy new clothes, which is actually a pretty good motivator for exercise.

Today, after a busy weekend with lots of walking, I’m sore. Not a OMG PAIN sore, but more like, “Yeah, I totally worked out” sore. That said, I can’t seem to get enough of stretching. My back, my legs, my knees, my shoulders…no matter how much I stretch or use some yoga techniques, I can’t quite seem to make it to stretching nirvana; they’re just as sore as they were. I may need to take an Epsom bath later today, if I have time.

So, coming up next, in between working on my Copyright paper, I will making a blog post about Open House Chicago, complete with pictures. It might have to be stretched over 2 or 3 posts, but I promise, it’s coming soon. We went to see a Methodist temple, a Catholic basilica, a mosque, and the old Sears tower that evoked feelings of abandoned buildings, like in Detroit or the town affected by Chernobyl. Thankfully it wasn’t as creepy as either.

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