Heart Fact #18

Your heart fact for February 18th. About 7.9 million Americans age 20 and older have survived a heart attack (myocardial infarction). About 8.9 million have angina pectoris (chest pain or discomfort due to reduced blood supply to the heart).

Heart Fact #17

Your heart fact for February 17th. This year about 1.2 million Americans will have a first or repeat coronary attack. About 452,000 of them will die. Coronary heart disease is our nation’s leading cause of death.

Heart Fact #10

Heart Fact for February 10th.   Stroke kills over 137,000 people a year (about 1 of every 18 deaths). On average, one American dies of stroke every 4 minutes.

Team update: your pre 20 mile run edition...

Greetings to my fellow Run with Heart team members! For most of you, this weekend’s long run will mark your longest ever. If you haven’t done so yet, check out Tom’s training update. He has some great tips for this week. Team Updates From here on out, I’ll be doing weekly updates! I’ll try to... Read more »

AHA MTP Week 15

Let’s see a show of hands, who thought 14 weeks ago that you would be running 20 miles in one day, without stopping?  Any one, no one.  You will this weekend.  All the miles you have put in this training season has you ready for this run.  This is the highest mile week you have... Read more »

MTP Week 12 & 13

I will be on vacation next week so I am not sure I will be able to write while I am away.  So instead of missing a week and disappointing you I will combine two weeks into one. Week 12 mileage cut back week: Monday           REST Tuesday           4 miles Wednesday      8 miles Thursday           5 miles... Read more »

MTP Week 11

Let’s get serious Mileage for the week: Monday                              REST Tuesday                              4 Miles Wednesday                         8 Miles Thursday                              4 Miles & Strength Friday                                     REST  Saturday                                16 Miles Sunday                                    Cross & Strength I hope that everyone is keeping up with both the weekday  short runs as well as the the weekend long runs.  Both types of runs are important for your... Read more »

MTP Week 10

HALF WAY THERE! Time wise you are more than half way through training.  Mileage wise you still have a ways to go, sorry.  For many of you this will be your longest run and the most mileage in total that you have ever run.  The mileage you have run thus far has prepared you for... Read more »

MTP Week 9

CUT BACK WEEK…EMBRACE IT How many of you when you started training would look forward to a cut back week where you only run 10 miles?  This is it so enjoy it.  This is not the week to catch up for any missed runs, take it easy use this to recover and to rest up for the next... Read more »

Dare I say it.....

Has my recovery really begun? I have been following a run walk program for the last 3 weeks, thanks Coach Brendan.  I will run for 4 minutes and then walk for 2.  I sought out Coach Brendan because I knew I needed a plan to follow to get back into running shape.  Left to myself ... Read more »