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Heart Fact #16

Your heart fact for February 16th. Learn more about Life’s SimpleSeven: the 7 controllable elements that lead to good health (physical activity, weight management, healthy eating, not smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose). Get personal health score and action plan at Were you one of the lucky 45,000 runners who were able to register... Read more »

Heart Fact #15

Your Heart Fact for February 15th from the American Heart Association. Plan meals in advance – visit for recipes from a number of heart-healthy cookbooks and use the online grocery list builder to quickly identify heart-healthy products to add to your grocery list

Heart Fact #3

FEBRUARY     3rd:  Today  is National Wear Red Day! Join thousands of women (and men), as well as companies and organizations in Chicago and cities across America by wearing red today. It’s a simple, powerful way to raise awareness of heart disease and stroke. .  Check our Run with Heart Facebook Page and RSVP to this event:... Read more »

Chicago Marathon Tweets

The Chicago Marathon is just a few days away. Here is a great way to keep track of your fellow runners...

MTP Week 9

CUT BACK WEEK…EMBRACE IT How many of you when you started training would look forward to a cut back week where you only run 10 miles?  This is it so enjoy it.  This is not the week to catch up for any missed runs, take it easy use this to recover and to rest up for the next... Read more »

MTP Week 6

Another cut back week enjoy! Day                             Activity Monday                     REST Tuesday                    3 Miles Wednesday               5 Miles Thursday                   3 Miles & strength Friday                         REST Saturday                   7 Miles Sunday                      Cross & strength Right now the weather for Saturday in Chicago doesn’t look good, warm and rainy.  Remember it is CARA’s policy to run in the rain, training will... Read more »

Running in Chicago

This weekend’s long run is 9 miles. It is the longest run so far this training season. It is also going to be HOT and humid in Chicago. Make sure you hydrate well the rest of this week as well as during and after the run. When it is this hot hot it is OK... Read more »

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How to Support AHA

I’m not a runner.  At all.  You won’t see me training for a marathon, or a half marathon, or even a 10K.  And unfortunately I haven’t “hit it big” (yet).  I’m not a trust fund kid. I haven’t married Mr. Moneybags (yet), and I haven’t won the lottery (yet).  So I can’t run beside you,... Read more »

February 11th Heart Fact

The 28 days of fighting heart disease.   REASONS TO BELIEVE   Too many lives have and will be cut short from heart disease and its risk factors; however, early detection, lifestyle changes, and other intervention can improve certain conditions.