Team update: your pre 20 mile run edition...

Greetings to my fellow Run with Heart team members! For most of you, this weekend’s long run will mark your longest ever. If you haven’t done so yet, check out Tom’s training update. He has some great tips for this week.

Team Updates
From here on out, I’ll be doing weekly updates! I’ll try to keep it short and sweet, but I want to make sure you have plenty of information!

Fundraising update
Our team has officially passed the $80,000 raised mark! I want to take a moment to say thank you for all of your hard work! Last year we raised a total of just over $90,000! So we are WAY ahead of that! Way to go and keep up the great work! Here are our top 10 fund raisers to date…

Name Total
Russell Levine $15,592.20
Akil Taherbhai $9,585.00
Laila Shetty $4,661.00
Daniel Malinski $3,619.60
Leah Boerger $3,025.00
Danielle Maglinte $2,402.00
Craig Nichols $2,255.00
Joseph Jao $1,919.40
Zak Stambor $1,900.00
Lisa Hanrahan $1,895.00

My tip for this weekend. Email people after your 20 mile run. Share with them how it went. For many of you, this is the most you will have ever run. Share your story and tell them why you’re running the Chicago Marathon!

When you’re emailing, always easily include a link back to your fundraising page to make a donation (this will automatically be included in emails you send while logged in). Please contact me if you need help with this!

Race weekend
On Friday, October 7th we’re going to have a Team meet and greet from 5-7pm. We may adjust the time, but it will be on Friday. We’ll meet at the American Heart Association office on La Salle. This will give everyone a chance to meet your fellow runners and mingle for a bit. We’ll have refreshments, some snacks and plenty of chairs! More information coming soon!

The committee is also talking about coordinating times with our out of town runners, to accompany them to the Marathon Expo. If that’s something you’d be interested in, email me and we’ll get it set up!

Race Day
Our team has access to the CARA (Chicagoland Area Runners Association) Compound at the Congress Hotel on Michigan Avenue. Pre and post race, we’ll be able to meet there. Some of the benefits include: private restrooms, private gear check, an easy meeting spot for you and your friends and family. And this year we will have space for our team, so we can meet before the race. As a runner last year, I enjoyed having access to the CARA Compound. It’s a great benefit. More information to come on this.

Just past mile 14, as you’ll see on the map, runners will pass through the Charity Block Party. Viamedia, one of our sponsors, will be out with volunteers, friends and family cheering for all runners. It’s a big boost there, just past the halfway point. When we know where our space will be we will send info. This is a spot open to your friends and family too, so as soon as we know, we’ll share the info! It’s close to public transit and there is parking near by!

The theme for the American Heart association/ Viamedia space? I can’t give that away, but I will provide a hint. Watch the video below…

[youtube n5hP4DIBCEE]

Use of the CTA, the public transportation here, is handy on race day for spectators. My dad utilized it last year and we were able to see each other 6 times on the course. My dad is writing up a post about his experience. We’ll share it here so you can pass it along to your loved ones!

We’re 23 days away…I’ve started having fun with a visual countdown on facebook with pictures. Today’s image…

That’s about it! Good luck this weekend! Have a great long run and have fun!

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