Chicago Marathon Training is coming to and end- A poem...

This poem was sent to me by Leah Boerger, who came up with this on her last long run! Enjoy!

Chicago Marathon Training is coming to an end
And this is not the regular fundraising message, my friend
I’d like to tell you about my last 16 weeks of preparation
And why this trip to Chicago is much more than a little vacation

I set out to do a little 26.2 run back in May
My main goal was to fundraise for the AHA
I’ve done one of these before up through Germantown and Ohio State
But I thought hmmm Chicago, that sure sounds great

Could I finish it this time before the 4th hour?
Not sure but I could enjoy the windy city view from a really tall tower
I could go up for the weekend
And see some family and old college friends

Maybe I’ll see Janel, my Miami roomie
And meet her little guy Jack, what a cutie
If he weren’t too far, we could meet Kevin Adams at a bar
Last time I saw him we were drinking beer and watching NASCAR

So I joined the AHA team and laced up my shoes
I had no idea what a great journey this would be, not a clue
I read the story of one of my fellow teammates, Jillian Ryan
Running with a pacemaker, that girl is TRULY INSPIRING!

I pounded the pavement in the summer heat
And starting getting all kinds of blisters on my feet
I went to see the folks at Bob Roncker’s to get some advice
New shoes and socks have my toes feelin nice

As the temperature kept getting hotter
I read about nutrition and getting enough water
Who needs those engineered gel packs?
I’ve got my trusty Curious George Fruit snacks!

Though I’m not in Chicago with the CARA runners in the park
The weekly training emails keep me out of the dark
Coach Brendan has been a Godsend
His tips and program have me feeling like a million bucks again

In August, We had a great time at My Brother’s place
Everyone joined together to support the big race
Funds were raised just from people eating food and drinking beer
The donations were great, but so were the encouraging words and cheer

For my 16 miler, Poppa gave me a special treat
When I rounded the bend coming home, he was there with my sweets
Lil and Nat helped me run the last mile in
We held hands and finished with HUGE GRINS

I took a break from training to play in the mud with Cretia and her crew
That mudathlon was surely a great thing to do
After mudpits, monkey bars, mud slides and haystacks to climb
We all committed to next year and costumes for next time!

Charlie Mauch and Jeff Turner have both been kind enough to offer me a ride
I looked like a drowned rat ready to fall off the road-side
I hope they’re not offended that I politely declined
All this prep is necessary to get me to the finish line

I’ve seen every type of road kill on the back roads I run
but seeing the deer, that’s fun
If you’ve seen me flapping my jaws looking like a loon
I’m probably NOT talking to myself, I’m likely singing my favorite tune

With my training I’ve been called a little crazy
Guess I’d rather be called that than lazy
My dad has jokingly called me mentally ill
My friends have laughed over the klutz-mode spills

My husband tells me to be careful cause I’m going to get hit
Still I continue out 222 chasing the negative split
My toes really are uglier than sin
And in this race, like I told Mike Stewart, there’s no chance I can win

You might be thinking “why in the world does she train that way?”
Simply stated: TO SUPPORT the AHA

I run for Natalie and Audrey, for Grandad, Uncle Gene and Jana
In memory of Linda and Levi, For Eddy, Braxton and Journey and Anna
For Carol, Nathan, Nancy and Roy and for Bj’s Grandpa Jack,
And for many many more who have suffered heart conditions and heart attack

Coach Brendan suggested thinking of your training sweet spot when you’re out running around
But I love every bit of the path I beat from Amelia to B-town
I thank you for the many times I’ve been running and you’ve greeted me with a wave and a smile
You have no idea how that little gesture helps push me to the next mile

As the calendar keeps moving and race day draws near
I know I can’t take you all with me to stand on the roadside and cheer
So if you’re sitting there wondering “well what in the world can I do?”
I would be ever so thankful for a donation in the amount of $26.2!!!!!

Before I wrap this up, I need to thank my family for their support over the last months, weeks and days
They have surely supported the cause and my marathon craze!

Composed on my last 22miler and stored in my noggin
Pretty sure this is a one time thing, I’m not interested in bloggin


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  • That is awesome, Leah! Thanks for sharing, Dan! And I'm not even training for a marathon. ;-)

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