AHA MTP Week 16

Let the taper begin!

You have completed 15 weeks of your marathon training.  You have run your 20 miler.  You have three weeks of training remaining and then the marathon!  Did you really think 15 weeks ago that you would be here and to accomplish everything you have so far?

These next three weeks of training are for tapering.  These weeks are the final weeks of your training.  Use them to recover from the previous 15 weeks of training.  DO NOT use them to catch up on any missed runs.  Doing a 20 mile run these next weeks will do you more harm than good.  You will not have enough time to recover before the marathon and you will begin the marathon fatigued, not the way you want to begin a marathon.

Mileage for the week:

Monday       do I need to say it REST    

Tuesday           5 miles

Wednesday      8 miles

Thursday          4 miles

Friday             REST

Saturday         12 miles

Sunday             Cross

During these next three weeks you need to be aware of a few things.  Watch what and how much you eat.  Your running is decreased from your previous weeks of training.  You need to reduce the amount of food you have been used to eating.  You needed this extra food to fuel your body for training.  You do not need as much now so try to cut back.  You could easily gain a few pounds between now and the marathon, not something you want to happen now.  You will also begin to feel a few aches and pains.  This is your body healing don’t worry about it and certainly don’t focus on these discomforts.  You should also use these weeks to catch up with your sleeping and reintroduce yourself to the family you have not seen on Saturdays for a few weeks.

Your training is complete you are ready, relax.

I hope to meet many of you on the Friday before the marathon at the AHA offices.  We are having a very casual get together beginning at 5:00 please plan on attending.

Let the committee know if you have any questions or concerns.


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