AHA MTP Week 14

Enjoy your last cutback week!

Here it is your last cutback week of the season.  One last long run and then a two week taper.

Mileage for the week:

Monday           REST

Tuesday           5 miles

Wednesday     9 miles

Thursday          5 miles and strength training

Friday               REST

Saturday           14 miles

Sunday                Cross and Strength

I hope that everyone’s 18 mile run on Saturday went OK.  I understand that the weather in Chicago was brutal.  If you struggled to complete it don’t worry chalk it up to experience.  You still have the 20 mile run to build your confidence.  Did you have trouble with your OTR nutrition, on the run?  If you did review what you had to eat Friday night and Saturday morning as well as during the run.  Change what you think did not work and don’t repeat it these next two weeks.

Have you purchased new shoes yet?  With the mileage you have been running you should need new shoes by now.  Get them this week and use them for your mid-week runs the next two weeks.  This should break them in and they will be ready for the marathon.  Have you chosen your shirt and shorts yet and used them for the 18 mile run.  If so use them for the 20 mile run also to make sure they do not rub you the wrong way.  A misplaced tag can be very aggravating during a 20 mile run.  If you have not decided yet you need to do this now.  You only have one long run left to be sure you have the correct clothing picked out for the marathon.

You may want to look like this is first day of school when you run the marathon, new shoes, and new clothes, this will be a BIG mistake.  You do not want to try anything new on race day.  No new shoes, shirt, shorts or OTR nutrition on race day.  Trying anything new on race day can lead to a disaster.  You have trained too long and hard to have new shoes cause a blister at mile 6 of the marathon.  You should also be using Body Glide to prevent chafing.

Best of luck during this cut back week.  Do not try to make up for any missed training runs.  What was missed up to this point should remain missed.  You risk injury if you try to make up your missed runs.

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