MTP Week 9


How many of you when you started training would look forward to a cut back week where you only run 10 miles?  This is it so enjoy it.  This is not the week to catch up for any missed runs, take it easy use this to recover and to rest up for the next few weeks.

This weeks work outs:

Monday        REST

Tuesday      3 miles

Wednesday 7 miles

Thursday    4 miles & strength training

Friday          REST

Saturday       10 miles

Sunday           Cross  and strength training

I have read a few emails, blogs and tweets and heard a number of people who needed to cut a workout short because they were sore or tired from the previous day’s workout.  This is both a smart and not so smart move.  It is a smart move to cut a workout short if you are sore or tired.  With the heat most of the US has been experiencing it is easy to get over heated during a run.  This will have lasting effect and make you tired for the next few days.  The not smart move comes from possibly pushing yourself during a workout in these extreme conditions.  If it is hot and humid take it easy during your run or go inside and run on the treadmill.  You are in this for the long haul taking it easy one day will allow you to run the next day.  During these hot days make sure you stay hydrated.

I have read a few articles about developing a mantra to help you get  through the tough parts of training and the tougher part of the marathon.  A mantra should be something easy to say and that will help you through these rough spots.  I personally have never used a mantra, maybe because I could never think of a mantra that was meaningful.  Well I though of one which I think all of us can use, wouldn’t it be great if all of us dressed in our American Heart Association shirts while running the marathon at one point started chanting…. AHA…AHA…AHA.  This is very meaningful to all of us and would certainly send a message to everyone around you.  Think about it.

Good luck with your training.

This article talks about a doctor training for the marathon he give a few training tips and even mentions the AHA,


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