MTP Week 11

Let’s get serious

Mileage for the week:

Monday                              REST

Tuesday                              4 Miles

Wednesday                         8 Miles

Thursday                              4 Miles & Strength

Friday                                     REST 

Saturday                                16 Miles

Sunday                                    Cross & Strength

I hope that everyone is keeping up with both the weekday  short runs as well as the the weekend long runs.  Both types of runs are important for your success in the marathon.  The week day runs builds strength and the long runs trains your body to be on your feet for long periods of time.  There are three long runs before the marathon, you also need to get the 6 S’s ready, Shoes, Shorts, Shirt, Socks, Sleep and Stuff.


  • You should be replacing your shoes every 350 to 400 miles.  You do not want to start the marathon in worn out shoes or in brand new shoes.  You should look to replace your shoes some time around the beginning of September.  This will give time to break in your new shoes before they get broken down prior to the marathon.  You should plan on doing the 20 mile run in these new shoes.  If the shoes you are wearing now try to get the same brand and model of these shoes.


  • Do your upcoming long weekend runs in the shorts you plan on wearing in the marathon.  You will hear me say this many times between now and the marathon, you do not want to try anything new on marathon day.  You will be surprised how a little seam or tag will aggravate you during a long run especially the marathon.


  • All the above goes for the shirt.  Resist the urge to wear the marathon shirt on race day.


  • Find a pair of socks that are comfortable and don’t cause rubbing or blisters.


  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep these next few weeks.  Your body rebuilds while you sleep, not getting enough sleep puts you at risk of injury.


  • You should know by now what gels, blocks or shots work for you.  Try them this weekend, the longer the run the more stress you put on your system.  What works for a 12 mile run may not work for a 16 miler.
  • Should your stomach get upset during the run try eating some peppermint hard candy.  These have worked for me in the past.
  • If you are not training with CARA where we use Gatorade Endurance you should be using this during your long training run.
  • Keep track of your breakfast the day of the long run and the dinner the night before.  If something gets your stomach upset write it down and avoid it in the future.

Some of you have may have run the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon in Chicago last weekend, I would suggest that this be your last race.  Labor day is a big race weekend.  You do not need to look too hard to find a 1/2 marathon or smaller race.  Avoid the temptation.  The schedule calls for a 18 mile run this weekend.  You can not replace an 18 mile run with a 13.1 race.  You risk getting injured by racing.  If you treat it as a training run you cut your long run short by 5 miles.  Neither of these are good for you and put you at risk of not completeing or having to sit out the marathon.

There are also a few races scheduled for September 11th.  While these would be very meaningful races to run, this is a 14 mile week.  If you are going to compete in one of these races treat it as a training run, not a race.  Make sure you make up any mileage you might be short either before or after the run.

Every year for the last 5, someone I train with runs a race these last few weeks and gets injured.  Many of these people were unable to run in the marathon.  After 12 weeks of training this can be very depressing so be careful and be smart these next few weeks.

I know this is a lot this week but these next few weeks are important.  Many of you will be running more miles this next month than you have ever run or thought you could run.  Good luck and take care of yourself.

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