MTP Week 10


Time wise you are more than half way through training.  Mileage wise you still have a ways to go, sorry.  For many of you this will be your longest run and the most mileage in total that you have ever run.  The mileage you have run thus far has prepared you for this week, don’t be nervous you can do it.  Make sure you have hydrated all week, get extra sleep, get your run nutrition ready and don’t forget your body glide.

This weeks mileage:

Monday                     REST

Tuesday                     3 miles

Wednesday                7 miles

Thursday                    4 miles & strength

Friday                         REST 

Saturday                     15 Miles

Sunday                       Cross & strength

Many of you are going to run the Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon in Chicago on Sunday, good luck.  I hope I don’t need to say this but I feel I must, if you are running on Sunday do not do the run on Saturday!  Also you need to decide if you are racing or training on Sunday.  There is a big difference.  If you are racing be carefull.  Right now the weather in Chicago is supposed to be pretty good, 78 degrees for a high, no rain and a little cloudy.  This can change between now and Sunday.  If it does get warm you may need to adjust your dream for the day.  You need to keep your eye on the big picture, the Chicago Marathon in October.  It would be a shame to have trained this long and hard, get hurt on Sunday and lose a few weeks of training.  Missing a long run in the next few weeks will hurt your chances of competing and completing the marathon.  Once again be careful.

I will be working the second water stop, just before mile 3, with the CARA team.  I was going to wear my “Run with Heart” T-shirt but found out that I will be issued a volunteer T-shirt.  I plan on wearing a yellow hat.  If you see me stop or run by and get a glass of water or Gatorade.  Even if you don’t see me just mention my  name and you will get all the free water and Gatorade you want!

Best of luck to all training or racing this weekend.

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