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Quick team update!

We’re 40 days out from the Chicago Marathon! How is training going for everyone? How about fund raising? I hope both are going well. If you need help or have questions, feel free to email Jayme or I! Jayme put down a challenge a week and a half ago, to see who could raise the... Read more »

MTP Week 12 & 13

I will be on vacation next week so I am not sure I will be able to write while I am away.  So instead of missing a week and disappointing you I will combine two weeks into one. Week 12 mileage cut back week: Monday           REST Tuesday           4 miles Wednesday      8 miles Thursday           5 miles... Read more »

Fund raising tips!

Today’s guest post comes from Anne Kinsella , from the America Heart Association! Take it away, Anne! Congratulations runners!  You have embarked on an incredible journey to run for (and with) heart.  Half that battle is saying ‘yes’ and committing to a season of training and injury prevention.  Don’t forget to also exercise saying thank... Read more »

MTP Week 11

Let’s get serious Mileage for the week: Monday                              REST Tuesday                              4 Miles Wednesday                         8 Miles Thursday                              4 Miles & Strength Friday                                     REST  Saturday                                16 Miles Sunday                                    Cross & Strength I hope that everyone is keeping up with both the weekday  short runs as well as the the weekend long runs.  Both types of runs are important for your... Read more »

MTP Week 10

HALF WAY THERE! Time wise you are more than half way through training.  Mileage wise you still have a ways to go, sorry.  For many of you this will be your longest run and the most mileage in total that you have ever run.  The mileage you have run thus far has prepared you for... Read more »

MTP Week 9

CUT BACK WEEK…EMBRACE IT How many of you when you started training would look forward to a cut back week where you only run 10 miles?  This is it so enjoy it.  This is not the week to catch up for any missed runs, take it easy use this to recover and to rest up for the next... Read more »

Team update!

Hello, happy Monday! I hope you had an awesome long run this weekend! I meant to get this out over the weekend, but with the long run and going through old clothes…I was a little busy. I’m happy to report that 9 bags of clothes went to Goodwill yesterday! On to the team update! Fundraising... Read more »