MTP Week 6

Another cut back week enjoy!

Day                             Activity

Monday                     REST

Tuesday                    3 Miles

Wednesday               5 Miles

Thursday                   3 Miles & strength

Friday                         REST

Saturday                   7 Miles

Sunday                      Cross & strength

Right now the weather for Saturday in Chicago doesn’t look good, warm and rainy.  Remember it is CARA’s policy to run in the rain, training will only be canceled if there is lighting.  Show up at the designated location and time, the site coordinator will decide if the run will be canceled.

I hope that you are using your Body Glide.  Even though the run is “short” if it is warm you will need the Body Glide it is better to use it and not need it than to need it and not have it on.  Also continue to use and experiment with your run nutrition.  You may not know what is going to work for the long runs but even during these shorter runs you will definetly know what does not work.  Begin to keep track of your Friday dinner, I woulds watch the alchol intake, even a glass of wine can cause you to dehydrate.  Also keep track of  your Saturday breakfast.  You do need to have something to eat before the run.  If you normally drink coffee try it before the run.  Again you will know if you cannot handle the coffee.  It is much better to find out before the mileage gets too long.

It is also important to do the cross and strength training.  Work on your core exercises, a weak core can cause a weak back.

Best of luck on Saturday.  Let us know if you have any questions, the AHA Run with Heart committe is here to help you.

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