Dare I say it.....

Has my recovery really begun?

I have been following a run walk program for the last 3 weeks, thanks Coach Brendan.  I will run for 4 minutes and then walk for 2.  I sought out Coach Brendan because I knew I needed a plan to follow to get back into running shape.  Left to myself  I would have started too fast and too long and probably got hurt.  I began running three week ago on Saturday’s with my CARA marathon training group.  I would run walk and they would run.  I did this before I received the final OK from my surgeon.  When I told him I was already running he was very glad that I was following a run walk program.  He told me I could continue to run and I should be careful and don’t push myself, it has been only six weeks since my surgery.

Today I went out and did my first mid-week run in months.  I ran, did not walk, 3 miles in 29 minutes, 9:08 first mile, 9:52 second and an even 10 for the final mile.   A little fast but I felt great.  The plan is to run 4 miles Thursday morning with a few of my fellow 10 minute CARA pace group members.  On Saturday I plan on run walking 7 miles.  I will continue to follow the run walk program for these longer distances.  I am on my way to recovery but need to take it slow and easy.  My goal for this year is to run a 1/2 marathon in November.

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