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Live chat: Run with Heart Fund raising chat

Today at 12pm we’re hosting a live chat talking about fund raising. We’ll share tips, answer questions and share success stories. Have a question, email it to Dan now! <a href=”″ _mce_href=”″ >Run with Heart Fund raising chat</a>

Dare I say it.....

Has my recovery really begun? I have been following a run walk program for the last 3 weeks, thanks Coach Brendan.  I will run for 4 minutes and then walk for 2.  I sought out Coach Brendan because I knew I needed a plan to follow to get back into running shape.  Left to myself ... Read more »

MTP Week 8

I hope the long run went well last week.  For the first time marathon runners that WAS your longest run to date, this week will be another new high mileage run for you. This week’s mileage: Monday                                 REST Tuesday                                 3 Miles Wednesday                           6 Miles Thursday                               3 Miles & Strength training Friday                                  REST Saturday                                13 Miles... Read more »

MTP Week 7

Now the fun begins: If you look ahead in the training schedule you will notice that the long runs will all be in double digits until week 17 when you begin your taper.  You need to begin to take care of your self, take your rest days seriously, hydrate through out the week and begin... Read more »

Team update!

Hello  my fellow Run with Heart team mates! I hope you had a great week and are having an even better weekend! Here’s the latest team update: Fundraising Update What story will be told because of you? Fundraising Online Chat Why I Heart event NovaCare Fundraising update So far an amazing $40,898 has been raised... Read more »

Word for the week HYDRATE

Weather in Chicago this weekend has the potential to be UGLY.  Begin to hydrate today.  Drink plenty of water supplemented with an electrolyte drink.  Don’t think because it is a cut back week you don’t need to take hydration serious.  High temperatures with high humidity is dangerous no matter what the distance. Also remember your... Read more »

MTP Week 6

Another cut back week enjoy! Day                             Activity Monday                     REST Tuesday                    3 Miles Wednesday               5 Miles Thursday                   3 Miles & strength Friday                         REST Saturday                   7 Miles Sunday                      Cross & strength Right now the weather for Saturday in Chicago doesn’t look good, warm and rainy.  Remember it is CARA’s policy to run in the rain, training will... Read more »

Are you training with CARA?

We had our monthly committee meeting for the team last Thursday and we got to chatting about how many folks on the team are running with CARA versus running alone. In a way, you can call me a CARA convert. Last year I ran with my mentor, or on my own. A good friend, Steve,... Read more »

Marathon Training week 5 - 10 miles

This is it, your first double digit run! This can be a scary week. If you had looked forward in the schedule and looked at this week 5 weeks ago you would have wondered how I am going to run 10 miles and survive.  No matter which training program you may be following, it has... Read more »

Run with Heart team update, 6/30/2011

Run with Heart team update, 6/30/2011
Happy Friday! I hope you are looking forward to a long holiday weekend and your long run for the week! As Tom posted last night, it’s going to be hot and humid! So hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Let’s get to the update! Fundraising update Air Travel to the Chicago Marathon Follow us on Facebook Team Blog... Read more »