Brave The Run

While some girls were searching for the perfect prom dress this past week, I was searching for the most comfortable outfit for my upcoming half marathon. On Saturday, May 7 – I will run 13.1 miles in the Indianapolis Mini Marathon. I will run  not only for myself, but on behalf of the American Heart Association with the Start! Running Team.


My amazing friend and running mentor, Meggie Dials, wrote a blog post about Pre-Mini-Marathon tips. It was an excellent post, especially for people like me who haven’t ever ran in this race. One of my favorite tips was about having a mantra. Meggie writes, “Have a mantra. I have used “I am a warrior” before. In other races, I have actually found myself saying out loud “You got this, Meg” mid race. And this last time, it was “you are a lion.” Sounds silly, but it works!”


When I was shopping for my outfit this weekend (being comfortable is so important to me when running), I found not only my perfect shirt – but my mantra. My husband and I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods earlier that day. I walked around and within a few minutes, I found a red shirt from Nike. It was simple, but it was Dri-fit and the material felt amazing. I loved it!


But my excitement quickly ended as my husband told me I would have to come back later. We had left the certificate and discount at home….


“But babe, it’s the last one left in my size!” I said like a five year-old begging their parents at the store. “And I am not sure I will have time to come back later on!”


“I’m sorry babe,” Justin said. “But you really should try to come back and get it later.”


I walked away (like a five-year-old would) with a sad look on my face and hung it back up. I was certain my shirt would be gone before I could return, especially since it was the last large available. After a much-needed two hour nap, I decided to return for my shirt. If the shirt was still there, then it was meant to be. If not, I’d find something else to wear.


To my surprise, it was still there; hanging in the same spot. And no, I didn’t try to hide it in a pants rack or a box of shoes – although, that thought crossed my mind. As much as I loved that shirt, I looked around some more, which was when I found my mantra.


“Rain. Snow. Sleet. Wind. Brave the RUN.” I instantly connected with that saying on the Under Armour shirt.


I bought the red shirt – because it felt amazing and the color represented the American Heart Association. I know when I am at the start line on Saturday, I will confidently say out loud, “Brave the run, Ashley.” I will finish the race rain or shine.


Do you have a running mantra? What saying / song / quote pumps you up before a big race?

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