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I’m not a runner.  At all.  You won’t see me training for a marathon, or a half marathon, or even a 10K.  And unfortunately I haven’t “hit it big” (yet).  I’m not a trust fund kid. I haven’t married Mr. Moneybags (yet), and I haven’t won the lottery (yet).  So I can’t run beside you, and I can’t donate the thousands of dollars that I know you are trying to raise, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to help. 

Surely there are others like me, who want to help but don’t know exactly what to do, therefore I spent some time doing some research (it’s what I do best) on other ways to support the AHA and raise awareness of the cause.

  • Gamble (sort of).  If you don’t have to money to donate, try to win some.  Seriously.  Check out our Via-Cash Sweepstakes on Facebook and easily enter to win $100 Visa card.  You can also use it to buy new running shoes or heart-healthy food.  It is kind of the same thing.
  • Wear red.  Suggest or organize a day encouraging others to wear red to support heart awareness.  It may not be much, but it shows you care.  Plus, red is just fun.
  • Party.  Organize or attend a luncheon, dinner, cocktail party, any sort of gathering that will help promote heart awareness.  Decorate in red, serve heart-healthy foods, indulge in red wine (in moderation of course.)
  • Cook.  Try to make heart-healthy meals for your family or friends or just yourself.  Need some inspiration?  Check out these great recipes from Food Network
  • Write or call.  Contact your local and state legislators and let them know that preventing heart disease is important to you.  Encourage them to support funding for heart treatment and research and ask them to help spread awareness of heart disease in your area.  Check here to find contact information for your representatives.
  • Donate.  Consider becoming an organ donor and discuss your decision with friends and family.  You could literally give someone your heart.  Go here to learn more from AHA on organ donation.
  • Shop.  This one is my favorite.  Buy products that support the AHA.  Browse I’m feeling this
    Go Red charm bracelet.  
  • Show you care.  Volunteer at local hospitals, clinics, organizations that provide support or create awareness of heart disease.  And thank a doctor, surgeon, nurse, medical personnel.  They do a lot to help save lives and help hearts. 

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