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How to Support AHA

I’m not a runner.  At all.  You won’t see me training for a marathon, or a half marathon, or even a 10K.  And unfortunately I haven’t “hit it big” (yet).  I’m not a trust fund kid. I haven’t married Mr. Moneybags (yet), and I haven’t won the lottery (yet).  So I can’t run beside you,... Read more »

NovaCare Rehabilitation- proud to sponsor those who Run with Heart!

This post is from our sponsor, NovaCare Rehabilitation! Today’s post is courtesy of Noreen Karadsheh from NovaCare… NovaCare Rehabilitation has partnered with the American Heart Association and the Run with Heart team for the 2011 running season! We’re excited to be partnering this year with the team- with you, the runners! Here’s a little bit... Read more »

Know when to say no!

Know when to stop. I have been running for over 30 years. These years have seen many 10K’s, half marathons and 11 marathons. In all this time I have never missed a race because of an injury, until now. I have signed up for the Lakefront 10 miler which will be run on April 16th,... Read more »

Over doing it...

Over doing it...
I shared my Shamrock Shuffle race recap this week over on my blog. It was a mixed bag. I was a little achy for most of the day and when I got home it got a little worse and I went downhill. I was asleep on the futon, cocooned in a blanket by 7pm. I... Read more »

Will I Ever Have a SoleMate?

My name is Ashley Sieb and I have a running alone problem. While my friends often ask me to run with them, I freak out. I instantly think I will hold them back. I’ll be too slow. I’ll want to walk when they want to sprint. When I explain this fear to them, my friends... Read more »