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A reminder...a letter to myself.

I shared this post on my blog, but thought it’d be a good thing to share here. Everyone needs a reminder on why they run. This is my letter to myself… I thought about writing a reminder type post to myself. Something I could print out, post up on my wall, bookmark and come back... Read more »


You might be wondering what I am talking about.  By this date the Hawks and the Bulls will be celebrating their Championship seasons.  The Bears may be practicing.  The White Sox will still be undeafted and of course the Cubs will be mathematically eliminated from post season play! So what season opens on June 11th?... Read more »

The Reason I Don't Ride Bikes Before Races

The Reason I Don't Ride Bikes Before Races
The race was on Saturday, so I opted for a Monday night bike ride. I was just getting over horrible shin splints, so I didn’t want them to make a grand appearance for my very first half marathon. I’ve never been a runner and training was spent doing walking and running intervals. I was certain... Read more »

A Racing Revelation

My mom turns 43 today. (Happy Birthday mom – I love you!) While I understand most people say a woman never reveals her age, I’m certain she is proud of her age. She looks fantastic. My birthday present to her this year was running / walking in the Shamrock Run & Walk in downtown Indianapolis,... Read more »

Parents on the Run

My husband and I don’t have a “normal” marriage. He cooks chef-inspired dinners nearly every single night. He does the grocery shopping. He cleans up after dinner some nights. He is the superman of husbands. While I clean the house too and I’m known around the world for my buffalo chicken dip, he still does... Read more »