Our thanks to all who cared about our father

The Leonard family is deeply moved by all the words of love regarding our father and wish to thank everyone during this difficult time. Our father truly loved Chicago and communicating with you. Our father’s wish is that you all be kind to each other and make a donation to the charity of your choice.... Read more »

Roy taking a short break

Roy is currently recuperating from some health issues and will not be posting to his blog or Facebook page for the time being. He is in good spirits and hopes to be back online as soon as possible. -From the Leonard Boys

Another enjoyable film for the "older" generation

Hollywood hasn’t forgotten us. If you like a good story, fascinating characters, gorgeous scenery and certain scenes to cherish add, The Hundred-Foot Journey, to your must see list. No Ninja Turtles, creatures from outer space, massive destruction or impending doom. Just a good old fashioned romantic movie. The wonderful Helen Mirren plays Madame Mallory, the proprietress... Read more »


The Light Opera works production of Fiddler on The Roof opened this weekend and will play through the  24th at Cahn Auditorium. It would seem to me that everybody in the world has seen this masterpiece by now, yet we have a new generation of theatre goers who have a treat in store. If you saw... Read more »

Woody Allen film, very entertaining, but not for everybody

Which Woody Allen would you like? “You’re a genius with all the charm of a typhus epidemic” – says the best friend of a master magician played by Colin Firth.  While Firth is trying to expose a supposed clairvoyant played by Emma Stone she says, “My mental impressions are cloudy”. He retorts, “Are they Cumulus or……?... Read more »

Words worth repeating #8

  “God-damnit, we forgot the silent prayer.” President Dwight Eisenhower in a cabinet meeting as quoted by John Lewis Gaddis in his Wall St. Journal story “The Nixon Tapes” 7/26-27/2014       “The young man was having “issues” in his marriage. His father counseled him, “you can either be right or happily married.” (Rabbi)... Read more »

Musicals - Charles Troy, a historian who shares his astounding knowledge

There’s a huge demand suddenly for a revival of America’s great stage musicals. Brigadoon is setting box office records at our Goodman Theatre. The New York Times sent their theatre critic to see it who raved about this “first class revival where the kilts flap and  fly, the bagpipes pipe away and rapturous music including the show’s... Read more »

A reminder to Mr. Boehner

I hope someone reminds the speaker of the House, John Boehner, who seems to want to litigate rather than legislate, that President Obama’s  executive orders (181 through the end of June) pale by comparison to past Presidents. Ronald Reagan – 381 Dwight Eisenhower – 484 Calvin Coolidge – 1,200 Timothy Egan pointed out in the New... Read more »

Boyhood - a modern masterpiece

I can’t recall ever seeing a movie as honest, ambitious and rewarding as Richard Linklater’s extraordinary undertaking titled, Boyhood.  It was like looking at my own life in those tender teen years, that in the movie, follow a boy named Mason from the age of six to eighteen and filmed over 12 consecutive years. Perhaps I should... Read more »

Burt Reynolds back in the news

Burt Reynolds ex-wife Loni Anderson says he still owes her a lot of money and wants it now. No comment from Burt. He became a regular guest on the Roy Leonard Show in the early 70’s and was on the show when the famous “Cosmo Nude” shot was published. He joked with Roy about it... Read more »