The Effect of an Election on Your Life

The Effect of an Election on Your Life

The election results are in and, starting in January of 2017, Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.

Half of the population is elated that things are about to change. And change they will, which is the one outcome I think everyone can agree on. The big argument takes place on whether it will be for the better or not; we have truly become a country divided as the other half fears that Donald Trump inauguration will trigger an apocalypse.

Yet the earth continues to turn. The sun is still rising in the east and setting in the west. The same crap is still plastered all over social media that would have been had the other side won (although it would be coming from the other half of the population). The results are in, the people have spoken, and life is moving on.

At least, life is moving on for some. Others are stuck in neutral, or worse, reverse. Despite the fact that election day has come and gone and a choice has been made, some are stoutly refusing to accept that choice. Instead, they declare incompetence in a blanket statement featuring both the American people and our political system, demanding a do-over.

Not to say there aren’t sizable problems in both of those areas. The two-party political structure has demonstrated time and again its often, sometimes spectacular, failing nature for generations without the powers that be lifting a finger to change things. And it certainly doesn’t help that our society has, so to speak, been digging its own grave for decades with an antiquated, ineffectual education system which has spawned primarily sheep instead of thinkers, dependents instead of independents.

Yet I see the results of this election as much a sign of the desperation of the American people as I do their ignorance & fear. Everyone is SO tired of a broken political system filled with corrupt, lying politicians that they will believe anything and anyone who does not come from that system and who promises something different (even if he too is a corrupt liar, among other things). They will swallow the illusion if for no other reason than that they are desperate for something to believe in, and we all know that desperate people are the most dangerous kind.

Does the possibility exist for the complete and utter breakdown of our current lifestyle as we know it? Yes. For accelerated environmental degradation & destruction? Yes. For a drastic change in many of the values Americans hold dear? Yes.

For a war? Yes.

But also the possibility exists that he might succeed as a president (whatever that looks like), that he might hold the office and improve some part of the American system. However slim that chance may be, it is the one I hope for. Because I must ask…why would you root for the plane to crash & burn when you are one of the passengers?

I am not a Trump supporter. I am not a Hillary supporter. I support…well, myself, when it really boils down to it. Not for president, god no….but to ensure that my life is a life I want and a life I love? Yes. I take full responsibility for that.

People today are too quick to lay power and blame in the hands of others…they do not want the responsibility of being in control of their own lives. They will blame their spouse, their family, their community, their government, their country, or the world for their difficulties in life. But the reality is that your life is what you make it.

A friend and mentor of mine wrote:

“Hillary and Donald won’t build your communities. They won’t make you better people. They won’t teach morals to your children. YOU do that. Might I humbly suggestion that instead of complaining about something you can’t change, you focus on what you CAN change – yourself, your community, your words, and your actions.”

Many people now want to “fight” this election, but this should far more be a time to come together. What’s done is done. We can wring our hands and shake our fists in indignation, but the outcome of the election will not change, and we will only find ourselves swimming in a sea of our own anger, flailing helplessly at our predicament and looking for someone to throw us a life raft.

I suggest you teach yourself to swim.

The answer is, as it has always been, to make your life the very best it can be for you without depending on external inputs to get you there – be it on a small or a large scale. The same goes for who you are as a person, what you contribute to your community, and what you make each day mean for yourself and those you love.

For me personally, this also extends to getting away from a large population center and creating a sustainable lifestyle as independent of the system as possible. But then that’s the upside of being a prepper….we always feel disaster is coming in some form, it’s just the question of how & when that shifts with the antics of the outside world.

Winter is Coming

The winds of change will almost certainly start blowing, howling perhaps, in the near future. What can you do to take responsibility for your own future and make it the best it can be?

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