A Location Independent Lifestyle? What the Heck Is That?

A Location Independent Lifestyle?  What the Heck Is That?

On any journey, the first step is always the hardest.

Well, this is it. This is the beginning. For most of you reading this, it probably isn’t a big thing. But for me, this is the first real day of a dream I have been chasing for years, and it’s quite exciting, but certainly a little scary too. Oh the questions we ask ourselves as a blogger/writer….will anyone be interested in what I have to say? Will I run out of inspiration? Where will this lead me?

Those first two questions? Well, that’s just a crap shoot (and I certainly hope the answers will be “YES!” and “NO!” respectively). As for that last question, that’s where the fear and the excitement merge to create the sensation of delicious exhilaration, the feeling of falling without a net. Yet as John Burroughs said, “Leap and a net will appear.” So here you sit, reading my leap.

Let’s get back to The Rogue Road and what you can expect to find here. What is this location-independent business about? The best way to answer that is to start by saying this:  everything is changing. The old formulas for developing a life and a career are starting to falter as the ideas about what each of those things should be changes, radically in some cases. Location-independent lifestyles, which are commonly linked with entrepreneurship, suggest that it is possible to work primarily for oneself; whilst operating from a locale of any choice. From home to the corner coffee shop, to the beaches of Thailand…sounds intriguing, I thought.

As for the why? Well, the “why?” question can apply to a couple of things:

Why the interest in this lifestyle? For me, an individual who has always thrived on instability, my ultimate desire is freedom. Freedom to work when & where I want, freedom to travel, and freedom to change. Confinement cannot be an option for my personal existence, can it?  Hence I’ve long sought a way to generate a living that is not only based on a passion, but daily tied in with ongoing enjoyments of all sorts; including travel and adventure.

Why write this blog? I followed some of my own personal heroes, who are well-established location-independent entrepreneurs. I kept asking them the same questions:

“How did you get started?”

“What are the guts of the transition into this kind of a lifestyle?”

Since I have yet to find a truly satisfactory answer, here I am to write my own. And I’m betting that there are others out there, looking for a little bit of help and inspiration in starting their own similar quests.

KEY-journeyHop onboard, experiences will be abundant here. Beyond the thoughts and actions that’ll lead me onward, I want to write about the subjects that are the building blocks of living what I  call a Location Independent Lifestyle.

What are the cool travel goodies? How the new tech gadgets hold up. Anything that helps get me out of the house.

If you’re interested, I plan on also sharing ideas from World Domination Summits, new apps & programs, exotic destination recaps, mentality challenges, frequent flier tricks, life shortcuts, and all sorts of other things that will be found along this Rogue Road.

I wish you a warm welcome and I do sincerely hope you will be joining me by adding your email below to create a subscription to my lovely blog. And between you and me, I’m thinking, maybe an email a month? Yeah, that sounds good. Thanks for reading and/or subscribing!


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