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The Climb. Finding Peace As I Walk Through Grief. Day 23 of 365

It turned out to be an exquisite day in so many ways — bright, sunny, warm and breezy — though it certainly didn’t begin that way.  On that Saturday in May, a number of us were headed to Northern Wisconsin to witness the wedding of a dear friend, someone I’ve known, and with whom I have laughed, for... Read more »

America's Slumbering Attitude Toward Discrimination Needs Wakeup After Black Yale Student, Sleeping In Common Area, Is Questioned. Day 22 of 365

Upon reading the headline, “Black Yale student fell asleep in common area and white student called police“, I knew I had to write immediately. Seriously. What. The. Hell? I recall numerous times when, as a student at the University of Illinois in the 1980s, I did the exact same thing Yale graduate student Lolade Siyonbola did. I fell... Read more »

Turkey Bacon: A Taste Of What It's Like When You Can't Do It All. Day 18 of 365

Ever have those times you wonder how it will all get done? I’m feeling that way right now. Big time. This feeling usually hits particularly hard in May, when it seems there’s SO much to do — and not enough time to do it. When my kids were little, the spring and early summer activities seemed to converge on the family calendar all... Read more »

Busted And Back On Track. Day 17 of 365

So, I’d said that I’d blog every day for a year, but already the math isn’t adding up. This little experiment began on my 50th birthday (April 8th), which means today (April 30th) should be my 23rd post. However, my last published post was the 16th in this series, meaning only one thing: I’ve fallen behind. Congrats. I’m busted. You are now... Read more »

Music And Memory: Sometimes We Take The Long Way Home. Day 16 of 365

Last month, author Robert K. Elder asked if I’d share some words connecting music with my memories. He was planning the April 29th release party for his latest book, THE MIXTAPE OF MY LIFE: A DO IT YOURSELF MEMOIR (Running Press/Hachette Book Group), and I told him I’d be happy to help. Immediately, Supertramp’s TAKE... Read more »

Embrace The Overwhelm. 5 Steps To Help Someone Bypass Depression. Day 15 of 365

Embrace The Overwhelm. 5 Steps To Help Someone Bypass Depression. Day 15 of 365
About one month ago, I spent time with a lifelong friend. She’d been in great spirits as we caught up on each other’s lives, but then, without warning, she grew distant and quiet. She’s struggled with depression in the past, so I knew enough not to push. Instead, I busied myself and gave her plenty... Read more »

My Girl. Day 14 of 365

My Girl. Day 14 of 365
Tonight I walked through the city with my one and only girl. I’ve wished so long for a night like this — just relaxed, uninterrupted time with her, punctuated with laughter and authentic conversation. Though she’s no longer my “little” girl, she’s a lovely young woman who’s grown up right before my eyes. At one... Read more »

The Neighborhood I Love. Day 13 of 365

I currently live in a Victorian row house, one of 7 individual-yet-connected residences. Though each of our units is independently owned, my neighbors and I could *technically* claim we all live under a single roof. This three-story building, built on a leafy Evanston avenue in 1897, has been my home for nearly 20 years. It’s the place I’ve lived the longest... Read more »

Mourning Glory. How I Learned To Openly Grieve. Day 12 of 365

(Click here to read the first part of this post) On the day my sister was cremated, the world, for me, had shifted on its axis, and yet somehow, the drive-thru line outside this restaurant was still moving right along…and the overhead lights were still burning bright above us…and the sun was still shining despite such gloom.... Read more »

Mourning Glory. How I Learned To Openly Grieve. Day 11 of 365

Since my sister’s unexpected death three months ago, I have heard — and been reminded of — three specific phrases: “Be strong.” “You’ve got this.” “Don’t let yourself overthink.” I’ve also asked myself if I’ll ever write about “happy” things again, especially all the happy memories I shared with my sister. I know that the answer... Read more »
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