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Turkey Bacon: A Taste Of What It's Like When You Can't Do It All. Day 18 of 365

Ever have those times you wonder how it will all get done? I’m feeling that way right now. Big time. This feeling usually hits particularly hard in May, when it seems there’s SO much to do — and not enough time to do it. When my kids were little, the spring and early summer activities seemed to converge on the family calendar all... Read more »

My Girl. Day 14 of 365

My Girl. Day 14 of 365
Tonight I walked through the city with my one and only girl. I’ve wished so long for a night like this — just relaxed, uninterrupted time with her, punctuated with laughter and authentic conversation. Though she’s no longer my “little” girl, she’s a lovely young woman who’s grown up right before my eyes. At one... Read more »

It's Already Tuesday! Day 3 of 365

It's Already Tuesday! Day 3 of 365
I’ve taken to the exclamation “It’s Already Tuesday!” because otherwise, how do we really get through it all? “It’s Already Tuesday!” is a little joke I made up for myself. It’s a rib, an irony, a play on the fact that TUESDAY rarely — if ever — gets any love. Every other day of the week seems... Read more »

Hiding From A Gunman? What It Felt Like During An Active Shooter Emergency.

At 2:39 pm on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 14th, 2018, the students, faculty and staff of Northwestern University, near Chicago, received electronic alerts of a gunman on its campus. I was there when it all happened. Hours earlier, Northwestern students (and 90% [approximately 3,300] of students from nearby Evanston Township High School) participated in the first National... Read more »

One year later. How the 2017 Women's March changed me. Part 1

[Click Here To Read Part 2] Why is it that, as women, we’re encouraged to downplay our accomplishments? Why do so many of us feel uncomfortable expressing success,  strength, and growth? And why is self-confidence something women tiptoe around? I don’t have all the answers to these questions, but I’m sharing what I’ve accomplished since... Read more »

Thanksgiving, Reconfigured

I have just a few, vague Thanksgiving memories from my youth… like tracing my hand on construction paper for those crafty, grade school turkey projects… and waking up, mid-morning in high school, to the delicious smells of stuffing and roast turkey. But it was only during my college years that I truly came to appreciate the holiday and install some lasting... Read more »

How To Take A Tiny Little Rest

How To Take A Tiny Little Rest
The little boy walking down the sidewalk tonight couldn’t have been more than two or three, all pudgy and rosy and wobbly on his feet. His right hand was held by an older woman’s, while his left hand rested on his own sweet little belly, which was covered by a bright orange shirt that read... Read more »

A Birthday Message For My Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom. Despite your strength and beauty, you’ve always been the lady who — I know, I know — doesn’t want the spotlight…or to have your picture plastered here for all the world to see and share. So, I’m not “outing” you. No names. No photos. Mom, I know this post may embarrass you.... Read more »

This Just Happened At My Local Pharmacy: One Dose Of Nauseating Truth About Health Care In America

My doctor recently prescribed a new medication, to be taken four times a day. “But make sure to check with your insurance,” he advised. “Some plans will only cover it twice a day. If that’s the case, just let me know.” And like a dolt, I got busy and didn’t call insurance. Nearly two weeks... Read more »

Feeling Overwhelmed? Let A Few Spinning Plates Drop.

As I sit here contemplating all that I might possibly write, my body tenses as the horrible cycle of self doubt and overthinking begins: “What should this post even be about?” “Make it interesting…yet real…and authentic…but don’t overwrite…” “How in depth should I go? And isn’t it spelled indepth?” “Am I in a light mood?... Read more »
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