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The Climb. Finding Peace As I Walk Through Grief. Day 23 of 365

It turned out to be an exquisite day in so many ways — bright, sunny, warm and breezy — though it certainly didn’t begin that way.  On that Saturday in May, a number of us were headed to Northern Wisconsin to witness the wedding of a dear friend, someone I’ve known, and with whom I have laughed, for... Read more »

On Being Still. Day 20 of 365

It’s 6:21pm on a Friday evening. The work day is over, and the sun’s low in the sky. I’ve just spent the last hour with my next door neighbor, sitting on our shared porch, talking, warmed by the setting sun and by her gentle company. This was but one of many impromptu connections we’ve shared — the kind that typically starts with,... Read more »

Embrace The Overwhelm. 5 Steps To Help Someone Bypass Depression. Day 15 of 365

Embrace The Overwhelm. 5 Steps To Help Someone Bypass Depression. Day 15 of 365
About one month ago, I spent time with a lifelong friend. She’d been in great spirits as we caught up on each other’s lives, but then, without warning, she grew distant and quiet. She’s struggled with depression in the past, so I knew enough not to push. Instead, I busied myself and gave her plenty... Read more »

The Neighborhood I Love. Day 13 of 365

I currently live in a Victorian row house, one of 7 individual-yet-connected residences. Though each of our units is independently owned, my neighbors and I could *technically* claim we all live under a single roof. This three-story building, built on a leafy Evanston avenue in 1897, has been my home for nearly 20 years. It’s the place I’ve lived the longest... Read more »

One year later. How the Women's March changed me. Part 2

[Please click here to read Part 1] In January 2017, upon my return from the Women’s March, I realized I no longer feared living my life as a single woman. I’d been separated for more than a year and was finalizing a divorce, but when I returned from D.C., I felt — perhaps for the first time... Read more »

One year later. How the 2017 Women's March changed me. Part 1

[Click Here To Read Part 2] Why is it that, as women, we’re encouraged to downplay our accomplishments? Why do so many of us feel uncomfortable expressing success,  strength, and growth? And why is self-confidence something women tiptoe around? I don’t have all the answers to these questions, but I’m sharing what I’ve accomplished since... Read more »

Moving On After A Classy Cyber Bully Rips My "MeToo" Post

This week I was cyber bullied on Facebook. It happened in the comments section under my latest post, inspired by the #metoo social media movement — an effort started in 1996 by Tarana Burke to foster understanding and compassion for victims of sexual assault. As Burke recently told CNN, “When you experience trauma and meet other people that have a... Read more »

Evanston: Loaded Shotgun Near School Triggers Community's Anger, Shame, Grief, And Compassion

Evanston: Loaded Shotgun Near School Triggers Community's Anger, Shame, Grief, And Compassion
I do not know him. I do not know his circumstances. I do not know his story. All I need to know is he was arrested near my children’s school, steps from my home, carrying a loaded shotgun. I stayed up half the night trying to find the right way to share my feelings about... Read more »

Skipped The Debate, Took Myself On A Date, And Focused on Fun Instead of Hate

Hillary’s opponent completely disgusts me. In this election cycle of indescribable negativity, I decided I deserve better. And so, I skipped the debate, took myself on a date, and focused on fun instead of hate. I’d never gone to a concert by myself. I’d been debating for weeks whether to see a band I’d always liked, Squirrel... Read more »

Earth, Wind & Fire: A Race To Mackinac Video In The Making (Part 3)

Earth, Wind & Fire: A Race To Mackinac Video In The Making (Part 3)
FIRE While Chris Froeter worked to edit the memories he’d captured on video during CHIEF’s 4th Race to Mackinac, a fire destroyed his family’s Evanston, Illinois, home, along with nearly all the Froeters’ possessions. The date was Friday, March 20th, 2015. SKIP TO PART 1 OF THIS SERIES (EARTH) SKIP TO PART 2 OF THIS... Read more »
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