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Meditation 101. How To Begin Without Feeling Totally Stupid.

About two years ago, I was pushing through days, feeling emotionally drained, when a dear friend invited me to join a group meditation. I had no idea what that even meant, but it sounded like something other people did, so I declined. A couple of months later, she invited me again. “What do you even do there?” I... Read more »

The Neighborhood I Love. Day 13 of 365

I currently live in a Victorian row house, one of 7 individual-yet-connected residences. Though each of our units is independently owned, my neighbors and I could *technically* claim we all live under a single roof. This three-story building, built on a leafy Evanston avenue in 1897, has been my home for nearly 20 years. It’s the place I’ve lived the longest... Read more »

Hiding From A Gunman? What It Felt Like During An Active Shooter Emergency.

At 2:39 pm on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 14th, 2018, the students, faculty and staff of Northwestern University, near Chicago, received electronic alerts of a gunman on its campus. I was there when it all happened. Hours earlier, Northwestern students (and 90% [approximately 3,300] of students from nearby Evanston Township High School) participated in the first National... Read more »

One year later. How the Women's March changed me. Part 2

[Please click here to read Part 1] In January 2017, upon my return from the Women’s March, I realized I no longer feared living my life as a single woman. I’d been separated for more than a year and was finalizing a divorce, but when I returned from D.C., I felt — perhaps for the first time... Read more »

One year later. How the 2017 Women's March changed me. Part 1

[Click Here To Read Part 2] Why is it that, as women, we’re encouraged to downplay our accomplishments? Why do so many of us feel uncomfortable expressing success,  strength, and growth? And why is self-confidence something women tiptoe around? I don’t have all the answers to these questions, but I’m sharing what I’ve accomplished since... Read more »

Some Jerk Rifled Through My Unlocked Car Last Night

It takes me a minute to realize someone’s been in my car. I’m really not paying close attention. I’m hungry and I’m on a mission. I’ve been working on a deadline, too focused to think about breakfast this morning. And so, I walk out to my car — which is parked on the street, directly in front... Read more »

How Street Soccer Benefits And Boosts Our Communities

How Street Soccer Benefits And Boosts Our Communities
So, I’ve been noticing these self-contained, 4-sided, street soccer fields all over town, but I wanted to know who’s been doing all the heavy lifting…and why. Where’d these things even come from, and what’s behind this street soccer movement? Then, these two events were announced in my town: 1. A family-friendly 4-on-4 Soccer Festival on... Read more »

Eyewitness To The Anger Pumping Through Veins Of Some Americans

On Father’s Day, I stopped to fill my gas tank in Northbrook, Illinois. It’s a relatively wealthy suburb. I do not live there. I was not raised there. I finished pumping, then emptied the well of my driver’s side door of the weekly junk that accumulates: paper, tissues, an aluminum can, a piece of floss,... Read more »

This Just Happened At My Local Pharmacy: One Dose Of Nauseating Truth About Health Care In America

My doctor recently prescribed a new medication, to be taken four times a day. “But make sure to check with your insurance,” he advised. “Some plans will only cover it twice a day. If that’s the case, just let me know.” And like a dolt, I got busy and didn’t call insurance. Nearly two weeks... Read more »

Some Cold Ass Truth About My White Privilege

Some Cold Ass Truth About My White Privilege
My ass is cold. The bees are swarming. Not a restroom in sight. And it’s only halftime. It’s the first game we’ve played against Deerfield, and we’re already getting crushed. Scanning the bleachers, there must be, what…Forty? Fifty of us? We are parents, grandparents, and dragged-along siblings, watching two middle school soccer teams on the Evanston Township High School football field. “C’mon, boys!”... Read more »
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