It's Already Tuesday! Day 3 of 365

It's Already Tuesday! Day 3 of 365
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I’ve taken to the exclamation “It’s Already Tuesday!” because otherwise, how do we really get through it all?

“It’s Already Tuesday!” is a little joke I made up for myself. It’s a rib, an irony, a play on the fact that TUESDAY rarely — if ever — gets any love.

Every other day of the week seems to have its own “thing”, but hey…not TUESDAY.

SUNDAY‘s sometimes known the sad, last day of the weekend.
MONDAY, as we know, tends to royally suck.
Midweek’s WEDNESDAY, as everyone calls it, is “Hump Day”.
THURSDAY’s like a blessed little straightaway headed into the weekend.
FRIDAY, well… it has its own glowy aura — not to mention its own acronym (TGIF).
And SATURDAY? It’s just a wonderful day unto itself — the most hopeful, protected and optimistic day of the weekend.

But TUESDAY? Poor TUESDAY. What does TUESDAY stand for? Where’s TUESDAY’s identity? TUESDAY has no choice but to follow a typically sucky day (MONDAY).

My God, the constant pressure that TUESDAY must feel, always having to rise and be the “better day”, arriving without question, without celebration, without fancy labels or fanfare, and without any requests for recognition or thanks.

Based on many accounts I’ve overheard through the years, TUESDAY often shows up like an exhausted, hungry mom in sweats and greasy hair, whose pack of stale Saltine crackers (sitting in the bottom of her linty, out-of-fashion purse) suddenly becomes the blessed sustenance for a hungry, grouchy kindergartener in the car after school, a child whose entire focus is suddenly consumed by (not the Saltine crumbs now covering the recently vacuumed seat but) the upcoming FIELD TRIP to the zoo which [insert whine] “…isn’t even happening until next FRIDAY! How many more days until next FRIDAY?!?!”

But really, come on now! We all know TUESDAY never asks for apologies OR accolades! TUESDAY’s just honored to be a part of the week. TUESDAY’s perfectly fine to handle whatever comes its way. Okay, so yes, TUESDAY may need a metaphorical shower following the residual slop from MONDAY’s blahs, but really, honey, TUESDAY’s fine. It’s just fine. When all else fails, TUESDAY’s got some dried out Lysol Wipes around here somewhere…

No, seriously. Don’t worry about TUESDAY!
•Worry about who you’ll be sitting next to on the bus to the zoo.
•Keep telling me how stale those crackers taste — the crackers which I, myself, might have liked to eat, since I somehow forgot to feed myself between making breakfast and making school lunches and filing insurance claims and buying the leash to replace that one that got chewed up last week and tweezing out (with a shocking amount of glee) the chin hair that’s been dogging me for 4 days now and trying to squeeze in some writing that might describe motherhood and all its glory before remembering that I never actually turned in the permission slip for your field trip. D’oh!
•Truly…and I mean this…just worry about you, Honey, and about the countdown and all the excitement leading up to next FRIDAY…but don’t worry about TUESDAY! That’s just silly!!

# # #

When I say, “It’s Already TUESDAY!” I’m giving it permission to be proud of itself. It showed up, and that’s really enough.
When I say, “It’s Already TUESDAY!” I’m acknowledging that we’ve all managed to move past the MONDAY doldrums. We kept going.
And when I say, “It’s Already TUESDAY!” I’m living in the moment, reminding myself that it’s really only today that ever truly matters.

Yes, the weekly slog is so real.
Yes, I totally look forward to every single weekend.
And yes, I think TUESDAY gets overlooked a little too often.

So, here’s to the fact that It’s Already Tuesday!

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