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A House Without A Kitchen

“It’s like a house without a kitchen!” My friend continued her critique of our residential neighborhood unsupported by viable retail,  grocery stores and attractive shops. Eight years ago, I discovered South Shore with astonishment at its beautiful setting and quality of architecture. The longer I live here, meandering the streets and avenues, the more I am... Read more »

Falling In Love

Brad, you darling old economist or physicist or philosopher or whatever they made of you; you made of yourself over there in Hyde Park, I want to extend a belated thank you. I’d look you up: Google you and send you a proper thank you card, but- I do not remember your last name. I... Read more »

Open Letter to Sara Paretsky

Open Letter to Sara Paretsky
Anticipating their son and grandson’s upcoming visit, they sought out the purveyor of tickets for a Chicago River Cruise. On line recommendations were highest for the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Chicago’s First Lady. By now, two month residents, they had become seasoned commuters, habitues of public transportation. They walked across the street to the sidewalk shelter... Read more »

On The Lake and On The National Register

The lake that day was the color of verdigris, startlingly blue-green with an iridescent sheen. She was transfixed, amazed at the unbroken lake view, as they traveled south on Lakeshore Drive.  Making the turn onto South Shore Drive, they skirted a marina, masts bobbing with the gentle surf. On the opposite side of the road... Read more »

Heading South on the World Wide Web

Chicago is a really big place. They were “goin’ to Chicago”, but all that meant to them in their initial dream state was Michigan Avenue and the Loop. Meanwhile, the task before them was daunting: fixing up and marketing a 6500 square-foot historically significant home that had been enthusiastically lived in- certainly for the thirty-five... Read more »