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Exotic Feline Rescue Center is worth a visit

One of the most incomparable places to visit within a few hours of Chicago is hardly known by the public. When I told people I’d be going to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center, the only ones who had heard of it were my sister and brother-in-law in suburban Indianapolis. Since the center’s chief source of... Read more »

Insuring a rental when you don’t own a car

For us city dwellers who gave up our cars, insuring rental cars can be confusing and maybe unnecessarily costly. It pays to know before you’re standing at the counter whether a non–car owner can get by without the insurance the rental car companies push on you. Before renting a car for a recent one-week trip... Read more »

Too old for a hostel?

People of all ages stay in hostels in Europe. That’s not the case in this country, which has fewer hostels than Germany alone. If any of my friends have stayed in a hostel in the United States, I haven’t heard about it. For the last few years, I’ve used Airbnb when I’ve needed to find... Read more »