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Leanne, I wish you could read this post

This is the third post in the last four that I’m writing about death. My good friend Leanne Star, former coworker and current fellow blogger on ChicagoNow, died unexpectedly over the weekend at age 72.  Three weeks ago I blogged about another friend and former coworker whose death from cancer was anticipated. Leanne’s came out... Read more »

My folks’ platinum jubilee

  My parents are ordinary people, except for this: In two days they’ll have been married 70 years. Wednesday will be their platinum jubilee. Of course, the milestone speaks to their longevity as well as their relationship. Dad’s life expectancy at birth was 54 years, and Mom’s was 65. Dad is now 97 and Mom 90,... Read more »

Learning from the laid-back example of a long-ago friend

“You sound the same,” a friend I haven’t seen or spoken with in a quarter of a century said. “You, too,” I replied. We’ve exchanged Christmas greetings and occasional emails during that time, but no more. Instead of enclosing a letter in this year’s Christmas card, John wrote, “I want to call you. Let’s set... Read more »

Parents celebrate a combined 185 years

For many years now I’ve watched friends deal with their elderly parents’ health problems, caring for them through cancer and other illnesses or just refusal to eat well and take their medicine. The times I’ve said “My turn will come” must number dozens by now. Incredibly, it hasn’t come yet. Dad turned 96 on Sunday,... Read more »

A tale of two security guards

Visiting art museums, I sometimes wonder about the employees who stand guard near the entrances to the various rooms. Are they bored? Do they get sore feet or backs from standing all day? Do they care about art? I’ve never had the nerve to ask such questions until recently, when a guard in the new... Read more »

Not a plain Jane

(Every now and then I hope to feature inspiring or otherwise interesting people. Jane and David aren’t the real names of the people in this post.) As a Chicago Greeter volunteer, I give tours to out-of-town visitors. Most every guest (as we call them) has been enjoyable, but I’ve seldom liked a guest immediately as... Read more »