Category: Household matters

An indelicate topic: Is cat poop a health risk to humans?

The headline on Advocate Health Care’s daily health email — “Is poop everywhere?” — made me chuckle. I live with a cat that has inflammatory bowel disease. I had just finished walking around with a solution of Nature’s Miracle, a sponge, and a scrub brush when the email arrived. I wrote about Lizzy a couple of... Read more »

Grab bars in tub are a top safety recommendation

One of the best gifts I got for Christmas last year was a grab bar for the bathtub. When they went with their mother to shop for it, my teenage nieces thought it was for their then-89-year-old grandmother. “Aunt Mar, what do you need a grab bar for?” one asked as I opened the package.... Read more »

Planning cold-weather protection for potted plants

Last year I groused about not succeeding with container gardening on a high-rise balcony. (“Sure is hard to garden up high in shade and wind.”) The annuals — coleus and impatiens mostly — didn’t grow or outright died in the railing planters. In the balcony floor planters, the perennials looked more promising, provided they survived the winter.... Read more »

A ministep in getting rid of stuff

Before moving into my current condo four years ago this month, I dejunked a lot but could have done more. Decisions about many “keep or toss?” items were left for the unpacking stage. Anxious to stop looking at boxes once I was here, however, I stashed everything away. In the last few weeks I finally... Read more »