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It’s getting too cold for outdoor get-togethers. Now what?

When a friend ended a get-together in a park with “I don’t know when I’ll see you next,” it took me a few seconds to realize why she said that: It may be too cold to meet outdoors again for many months. She hasn’t seen friends indoors since the pandemic struck. Another friend who has... Read more »

Guidance still lacking on whether and where to get tested

Should I be tested for covid? You’ve probably asked yourself that during the last several months, and maybe thought, why not? But then perhaps you considered that there aren’t enough tests available for everyone, and labs are overburdened with processing tests. I certainly wouldn’t have asked for a test out of curiosity. But I had... Read more »

It’s about habits, not pounds

Since the coronavirus was keeping me from eating out, a few months ago I decided that this might be a good time to act on a longstanding wish to lose 10 to 15 pounds. I diligently logged calories on and shed five pounds pretty quickly — and no more in the last eight weeks.... Read more »

Reduce coronavirus anxiety with a pet

Reduce coronavirus anxiety with a pet
August 21 was three months since losing my cat Lizzy. Too long living without another sentient being, especially during these days of isolation. So I started to look at the cat pages on the website of PAWS, where my friend Bobbie, a volunteer, encouraged me to find my next feline companion. The winner, whom I... Read more »

Making masks more comfortable

Let’s stipulate that it’s important and respectful to continue wearing masks as long as the coronavirus is out there. I wear a mask because I should, not to align with a political position. Okay, that’s established. Now I can complain about masks. It’s harder to breathe wearing a mask. It’s harder to hear, and harder... Read more »

It’s true: tea is a wonder beverage

If marijuana is your preferred drug, glad that you can consume it legally in Illinois now. Mine is tea. I figured it was an excusable addiction even as my consumption grew over the years to a half-dozen or so cups a day. I never experienced caffeine jitters. When reports of tea’s health benefits came out,... Read more »

Well-liked Medicare plan vs. higher-ranked providers

Medicare Open Enrollment ends December 7. The easy choice is to stay with all-in-one Medicare Advantage instead of switching to Traditional Medicare plus a supplement and a drug plan. The hard one is whether to switch between Medicare Advantage plans, from a well-liked one to one accepted at a so-called top-10 hospital. Humana Gold Plus,... Read more »

Vitamin D needs are bones of contention

Maybe you’ve heard reports that many people are now deficient in vitamin D, “the sunshine vitamin,” as we’ve tried to ward off skin cancer by staying out of the sun or wearing sunscreen. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Sunlight used to be our bodies’ main source of vitamin D, its ultraviolet rays... Read more »

Avoid going into hospital as observational

If you have the misfortune to stay overnight in a hospital bed, make sure you’re admitted to the hospital. A month ago that statement would have made no sense to me. How could you occupy a hospital bed without being admitted? In the last few weeks my mother spent three postsurgery nights in Presence St.... Read more »

Reading glasses were avoidable if I’d known

You’ve probably heard people say that they don’t need glasses at all after cataract surgery. I looked forward to the surgery for that reason yet didn’t question the ophthalmologist when he said beforehand that I would still need reading glasses. In the last day I’ve done more research to write this blog post than before... Read more »