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What vegetarians eat needn’t be mystifying

I overheard a woman say that she was a vegetarian until her husband got tired of eating salads every day. “I could, but he couldn’t,” she commented.  Assuming she meant salads as a main dish, I was surprised. Did she not know about options, from meatless variations of popular dishes to fake meats? Did she... Read more »

Reentry at different rates

As more of us are vaccinated, we’re noting reports that people are nervous about reentry into something resembling our former lives. Have we forgotten how to socialize? Are we so used to cocooning that we won’t want to go out? Will we back away from people who get close?  Today, my fully vaccinated day one,... Read more »

Surprise: vaccines are on my mind

With “Have you had your first shot?” leading off most conversations these days, thank goodness it’s becoming easier to find an appointment for a COVID vaccination. “I think I’m the only Chicagoan over 65 who hasn’t found an appointment,” a friend grumbled a couple of days before he snared one. He wasn’t really alone; only... Read more »

An overdue list of pandemic diversions

Since we’re in month 12 of the pandemic, a post suggesting diversions is more than a little late. But until recently, I had not felt bored. Perhaps it’s not only the pandemic but also the usual February doldrums that have me looking for newness now.  Listmaker that I am, I came up with some ideas... Read more »

Why aren’t hearing checks part of routine screening?

Colon and breast cancer screenings may not benefit older adults, the US Preventive Services Task Force says, but you’d think screenings for age-related hearing loss would. Hearing loss is the third most common health problem of older adults, according to the website Hearing Loss.  Yet the USPSTF says that there is insufficient evidence to recommend... Read more »

Screening advice changes with age

As unpleasant as colonoscopies and mammograms are, I don’t expect to be delighted about quitting them. It will mean that I’m at the age when my life expectancy is part of the calculation about whether I should be screened. The US Preventive Services Task Force, an independent advisory board of medical experts, says that routine... Read more »

Are you behaving weirdly during isolation?

We’ve heard of people having weirder, more vivid dreams during the pandemic. Bizarre waking behaviors haven’t been discussed as much, unless you count hoarding toilet paper, which seemed reasonable to do back in the spring.  When I started moving around the living room furniture without having had a notion that I wanted to rearrange the... Read more »

Is your computer old? Replace it before it dies.

“Things work until they don’t.” A doorman at my building offered that consolation when I was chiding myself for not replacing my ancient desktop computer before it died last week. I appreciated his sympathy, but it would have been better to replace the computer before it didn’t function. You can wait to buy a dishwasher,... Read more »

It may be okay to gain weight as we age

If you, like me, have been saying for years that you’d like to lose 10 to 15 pounds, wouldn’t it be nice to hear that it might be healthier not to? A number of research studies have found that it’s healthy for older adults to have a Body Mass Index of between 25 and 27,... Read more »

Home alone for Thanksgiving birthday?

Having a birthday at the end of November has always been sweet. Often my birthday falls between the Thursday and the Sunday of Thanksgiving week, which gave preretired me the day off work. I get to celebrate with family gathering for Thanksgiving, and who better to observe a birthday with than the people responsible for... Read more »