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Dramatic Sunday evenings with PBS

It’s Sunday evening, almost 7 p.m. My excitement grows as I get cozy on the couch, pick up the remote, and turn on Chicago public television station WTTW. An episode of my favorite show, Call the Midwife, is about to start. The program will be recorded on my TiVo and available on the WTTW website.... Read more »

Chicago history in small doses

Being a Chicago Greeter and curious about where I live, I regularly try to learn more about the city. A recently published book, Greg Borzo’s A History Lover’s Guide to Chicago, is a treasure trove of information. If you’re not into reading history, don’t be turned off by that word in the title. A History... Read more »

Caffeine and tea: it’s complicated

Every so often, I think that I should cut back on caffeine. The Food and Drug Administration recommends a limit of 400 milligrams a day. The problem for tea drinkers is difficulty figuring out how many milligrams of caffeine we consume. Counting milligrams of caffeine in tea is not as simple as consulting the label... Read more »

Still riding the “L”

Taking the “L” home on a Sunday morning, I watched a woman give $10 to a man who was begging. The man noticed another $10 bill in her wallet and asked whether he could have it. She handed it over. Having just come from church, I remembered Mother Teresa’s famous statement about seeing Jesus in... Read more »