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Nearly certain diagnosis wasn’t good enough

I suppose a moral of this story is that if doctors say that there’s a great likelihood of cancer, don’t fold.     Last week my family was told that a CT scan showed a large mass on our mother’s bladder. “I’m more than 90 percent certain it’s malignant,” a urologist told me at the... Read more »

When friends disagree about safe behavior

Among everything to lament about COVID-19, what’s bothering me now is its impact on friendships. Not friendships that became dormant, but frIendships where we don’t agree about safe behavior. I feel defensive when very vigilant people say that it’s foolish for Illinois to ease up on restrictions. Some of those people are my friends. It... Read more »

Defining my clean enough

The other day I turned on the radio and caught the end of an interview on WBEZ. “For the next six months, I’m going to be a person who doesn’t care whether my house is tidy” was all I heard the interviewee say. I assume he was talking about a better use of time than... Read more »

Remembering the power of spectator sports

My niece Alex moved to Cincinnati in August with a new college degree and a chip on her shoulder about the location. She was happy about starting her career at Procter & Gamble but had hoped to go to a city bigger than her hometown of Indianapolis. Her best friend and roommate is working in... Read more »