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With gift-giving reduced, what to do with gift box contents?

Some friends and I have stopped giving gifts for Christmas and birthdays. It make sense: we say we want to purge possessions. It leaves me with a dilemma, however: what to do with the potential presents collected over the years.  A large box holds things from my own shopping, regiftables, and never-used purchases of my... Read more »

Time for annual review of Medicare choices

It may be inconsistent for a liberal who supports a government-funded healthcare plan to opt for a private company’s Medicare Advantage plan, but it goes to show that personal interest wins out. Medicare Advantage saves me hundreds of dollars a year. Medicare Open Enrollment for 2022 continues until December 7. After reviewing my options, I’ll... Read more »

Why do you write the wrong word ?

I don’t know about other bloggers on ChicagoNow, but I don’t have an editor. Since I don’t want to impose on anyone to proofread, my typos, fuzzy thinking, and grammatical errors are exposed for readers to snicker at. Sometimes I will reread a post of weeks before and catch an error.  Last Monday I made... Read more »

You can break “false rules” of grammar

“From where he’s coming” ended a sentence in an article I read the other day. Does anyone speak like that? I suspect that the writer changed “where he’s coming from” because she was taught in school that a preposition should never end a sentence. Such “false rules,” says Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage, “have a... Read more »