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Observing dementia and feeling helpless

After Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn took a buyout offer, he began a free weekly enewsletter chockfull of his pithy commentary. I almost always agree with Zorn’s liberal political positions and count on him for evidence-backed arguments. But it was the personal item with which Zorn led off his last issue that prompted me to... Read more »

Time to get serious about heart-friendly foods

It didn’t worry me that my total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol numbers were borderline high for a long time. I don’t have other risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure, obesity, and lack of exercise. I haven’t eaten meat for 46 years. My doctors never expressed concern. I chalked test results... Read more »

Take a train to walk

Planning a trip to the Indiana Dunes to hike with a friend, I debated whether to rent a car. The South Shore railway parallels the national park, but one trail close to train stops is shared with bicycles and another with horses. Neither seemed a good prospect for the peaceful experience we hoped for. We... Read more »

Dunes visit yields a hiking lesson

Dunes visit yields a hiking lesson
My friend Sandie and I made the 40-mile trip to the Indiana Dunes National Park last Friday to hike. Researcher that I am, I read about hiking at the park and chose the 4½-mile Cowles Bog Trail, ranked Indiana’s best by AllTrails. It is strenuous enough to make a couple of seventysomethings feel proud of... Read more »