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Mr. Darcy, step aside for Henry Tilney

Fans of Jane Austen, who is your favorite Austen hero? The repentant Darcy, the honorable Knightley, the gallant Wentworth? Did you think of Henry Tilney? He is overlooked because Northanger Abbey, a spoof of the gothic novel, is not usually ranked near the top among Austen’s novels. As I embark on a rereading of the... Read more »

Are you supposed to love volunteering?

I was telling someone about being disappointed that my latest volunteer gig has not turned out to be a “this is it” experience. I don’t dislike it, but I’d rather be doing something else. She (let’s call her Carol) said that I have the mistaken impression that we’re supposed to enjoy volunteer work. Her comment... Read more »

Day trips add up to a vacation

Are you thinking about what you didn’t get to do because of COVID? Reframing may be able to turn a negative into a positive. It was disappointing to cancel a summer trip to Glacier National Park when COVID created a number of impediments. I expected to not have a vacation this year. But after visiting... Read more »

Looking for the right dentist

By retirement age, many people want to have established relationships with healthcare providers. I’m changing both my doctor and my dentist — one by choice, the other because she retired. Switching to a Rush Health physician makes sense: Rush has a spanking new clinic a half-mile from me, and it now accepts my Medicare Advantage... Read more »