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Making healthcare choices for a parent: a sad example

“Get me out of here.” “Please take me home.” “I don’t understand why I have to be here. Other people fall and aren’t sent away.” It is agonizing to listen to a parent say such things. It is impossible not to feel guilty for putting her in a rehab facility. My 94-year-old mother fell in... Read more »

Use shoes or lose ’em

Remember the images of Imelda Marcos’s rows of shoes? I wonder how many of Marcos’s reported 3,000 pairs were ever worn. It’s not good for shoes to be always in closets instead of on feet, not that Marcos likely cared. But who am I to talk? I have a bad habit of saving footwear until... Read more »

A reader’s observations about the Alden-owned Tribune

I kept my daily subscription after the Chicago Tribune was acquired in late May by hedge fund Alden Global Capital, known for decimating newsrooms. Here’s what I’ve noticed about the paper since then: • There are more op-eds from outside contributors, filling space previously taken by Tribune writers. Longtime columnists like Eric Zorn and Mary... Read more »

If you're falling short of 10,000 steps

People who start tracking their steps might be discouraged to find that they’re nowhere near 10,000 daily steps, the commonly accepted goal. Before I got a Fitbit device, I thought that a half-hour brisk walk on most days was enough aerobic exercise. My weekly total exceeded the 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise recommended by the... Read more »

The anxiety about misspeaking with people different from oneself

Recently a person I’d just met accused me of being intrusive when I asked where she lived and whether she’d returned to working in the office yet. Although I didn’t think the questions were too personal, she said I’d crossed a line and was interrogating her, soliciting information and not sharing anything about myself. I... Read more »