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Leanne, I wish you could read this post

This is the third post in the last four that I’m writing about death. My good friend Leanne Star, former coworker and current fellow blogger on ChicagoNow, died unexpectedly over the weekend at age 72.  Three weeks ago I blogged about another friend and former coworker whose death from cancer was anticipated. Leanne’s came out... Read more »

Screening advice changes with age

As unpleasant as colonoscopies and mammograms are, I don’t expect to be delighted about quitting them. It will mean that I’m at the age when my life expectancy is part of the calculation about whether I should be screened. The US Preventive Services Task Force, an independent advisory board of medical experts, says that routine... Read more »

Do what makes you happy

We’ve all lost friends too soon, and their deaths bring up the big questions. Am I making the most of my time? What do I want to accomplish yet?  After a coworker’s recent death, I wrote in my journal: “Keeping mortality in mind is supposed to help a person make the most of every moment,... Read more »

I’m glad I still can read the news on paper

Especially since the pandemic began, sitting down to read the daily newspaper in print form has been the highlight of my days. The reliable Chicago Tribune carrier leaves the paper outside the door early every morning. After breakfast, I make a pot of tea and settle into my reading chair for what’s become a long,... Read more »