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Review Medicare choice even if you’re happy with it

Medicare open enrollment — the time of year we over-65ers can choose to switch our Medicare plans for the coming year — continues until December 7. Two people I’ve spoken with say they’re not planning to review the choices because they like their Medicare Advantage plans. It’s great that they’re happy, but according to health... Read more »

It’s getting too cold for outdoor get-togethers. Now what?

When a friend ended a get-together in a park with “I don’t know when I’ll see you next,” it took me a few seconds to realize why she said that: It may be too cold to meet outdoors again for many months. She hasn’t seen friends indoors since the pandemic struck. Another friend who has... Read more »

Guidance still lacking on whether and where to get tested

Should I be tested for covid? You’ve probably asked yourself that during the last several months, and maybe thought, why not? But then perhaps you considered that there aren’t enough tests available for everyone, and labs are overburdened with processing tests. I certainly wouldn’t have asked for a test out of curiosity. But I had... Read more »

Friends should talk — about their own relationship

Interviewing singer/songwriter Wafia Al-Rikabi on NPR’s Weekend Edition last Saturday morning, Scott Simon asked about “Lose a Friend,” a song on her new EP Good Things. “My best friend didn’t want to be my friend anymore,” Wafia said. “One day I just was unfriended . . . I’m still here trying to figure it out.... Read more »