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Reduce coronavirus anxiety with a pet

Reduce coronavirus anxiety with a pet
August 21 was three months since losing my cat Lizzy. Too long living without another sentient being, especially during these days of isolation. So I started to look at the cat pages on the website of PAWS, where my friend Bobbie, a volunteer, encouraged me to find my next feline companion. The winner, whom I... Read more »

Finally acting on New Year’s resolution to spend more freely

The last post ended with my mulling over whether to join Facebook to be able to rent a car from Getaround. Before I came to a decision, my thoughts had gone in a different direction. But first, in case you’re curious: it is possible to be a “lurker” on Facebook — a member who doesn’t... Read more »

Grrr . . . Facebook is needed to rent a Getaround car

What do Facebook and car sharing have in common? I wouldn’t have thought anything until I learned that a Facebook account is needed to use the peer-to-peer car-sharing service Getaround. For the first time in the 15 some years since I gave up a car, I need regular access to a vehicle. And so for... Read more »

Getting specific about systemic racism

Most of us have heard of redlining, sort of understand how sharecropping operated, and know that “separate but equal” schools weren’t ruled illegal until Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. Yet while we understand that those are examples of systemic racism, we still may largely think of racism as an attitude displayed by individuals.... Read more »

Is Hamilton on screen as good as on stage?

I’m one of the few among my acquaintances who haven’t seen Hamilton on stage. I wouldn’t pay the extravagant ticket price, contending that nothing is a must see. Besides, I expected there would be a movie eventually. Now there is a screen version — not an adaptation but a film of the actual 2016 New... Read more »