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Heartbreak on top of isolation: losing a pet during coronavirus

Heartbreak on top of isolation: losing a pet during coronavirus
“So glad to have Lizzy now,” I wrote in my journal in early April as the second week of Illinois’s stay-at-home order was ending. Human company and touch were off limits for the indefinite future, but I had my sweet kitty. Now Lizzy is gone, and I’m writing through tears. In my last post I... Read more »

How long can I live like this? I'm not talking about the pandemic.

This is really looking for a silver lining: If there was ever a good time for isolation, it’s now for me because it coincides with a worsening of my cat’s inflammatory bowel disease. For both health and aesthetic reasons, it’s best to not have visitors. Lizzy has chronic diarrhea. She also doesn’t always use the... Read more »

We’re not all in this equally

Not surprising for educated, informed people, my friends have opinions about reopening the economy. Mostly they, as do I, think that it’s too soon to ease up. But we do need to acknowledge that we’re privileged. Seniors are the greatest beneficiaries of the lockdown, since coronavirus is deadlier for us than for younger age groups.... Read more »

This and that as we soldier on

I want to believe that the people who are clamoring for a reopening are not all antigovernment right-wingers, despite the protest signs. Some must be among the one in six American workers who have filed for unemployment during the pandemic. The majority of people who have lost their jobs and still told KFF pollsters that... Read more »