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Are Democrats behaving like they want to win?

Full disclosure: I voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Illinois primary. When I thought he didn’t have a chance at the Democratic presidential nomination, I wanted to show support for his positions. That was before we had a President Trump. Now I’m fearful that Sanders will get the nomination. I like Sanders. I find... Read more »

Anyone want outdated editing reference books?

In the early 1990s, my first years as a publications editor at Northwestern University, our then manager had each of us four editors list the editing reference books we owned. Up to that point in my career, all I had used were the Associated Press Stylebook and a dictionary. I came to Northwestern from newspaper... Read more »

Rein in desire to confide?

A friend (let’s call her Jane) happened to phone when I was feeling upset with another friend (let’s call her Sue). A caring listener, Jane helped me to feel better. But Jane didn’t feel good about our chat. The next time I spoke with her, she said she worried that I talked about her, too.... Read more »

Giving passed away a pass

What not to say to a grieving person was the topic of an article in the Sunday Chicago Tribune. Writer Judith Weinstein included advice that seemed out of tone with her many thoughtful suggestions for expressing compassion: Do not use passed away or any other euphemism for died. Compared with the widespread use of passed... Read more »