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Advice for the frugal: Find an appealing spending option. Mine is car rental.

As New Year’s resolutions go, it was vague. I’d spend more freely in 2020. A lifetime of frugality has made me uncomfortable about dropping more than $20 in a restaurant or seeing a movie at full price. Now a circumstance will challenge me to act on the idea: My dad’s car, which was at my... Read more »

In the minority about Little Women ending

Had I not read that Jo marries Laurie in an upcoming Little Women spinoff, I may not have admitted that I’m one of the readers who want that ending. Ours isn’t the enlightened position today. In author Louisa May Alcott’s day, it was the majority wish. Now, you can find plenty of online comments that... Read more »

It’s true: tea is a wonder beverage

If marijuana is your preferred drug, glad that you can consume it legally in Illinois now. Mine is tea. I figured it was an excusable addiction even as my consumption grew over the years to a half-dozen or so cups a day. I never experienced caffeine jitters. When reports of tea’s health benefits came out,... Read more »

Generosity was best of Dad’s many good examples

There are many ways my father, who died two weeks ago, set a good example for us. His honesty, his religiosity, his friendliness. What I expect to remember most appreciatively was his generosity.  As my brother said in his eulogy, there was hardly anyone who asked Dad for money who didn’t get it. He wasn’t... Read more »