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After my father’s funeral

My dad was 99 years, five months, and 12 days old when he died early last Sunday. Being angry about the death of a man so old seems unreasonable, but for a couple of days I was angry about the timing. I was angry that Dad had not died when we feared he was dying... Read more »

Is it the movie, or am I dense?

The following contains spoilers, but I’m hoping that giving away the ending of a 2003 movie won’t matter to most people in 2019. The point isn’t about the movie anyway but about feeling dense after watching a movie. Do you ever wonder whether you’re lacking some brain cells because it didn’t make sense to you?... Read more »

Cellphone accessories for giving

  Last week I wrote about my family’s new approach to Christmas giving, a white elephant exchange with a $25 limit. I tossed around about a dozen gift ideas that would suit anyone from preteen to senior — everyone but our parents. The list didn’t include cellphone accessories, which are the topic this week. Of... Read more »

Suggestions for a white elephant gift exchange

My family is doing Christmas giving differently this year for everyone but our parents. At recent Christmases everyone received what they asked for, which ensured presents were wanted but lacked surprise and imagination. This year, instead of buying what the person whose name we drew asked for, each of us will be challenged to think... Read more »