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Well-liked Medicare plan vs. higher-ranked providers

Medicare Open Enrollment ends December 7. The easy choice is to stay with all-in-one Medicare Advantage instead of switching to Traditional Medicare plus a supplement and a drug plan. The hard one is whether to switch between Medicare Advantage plans, from a well-liked one to one accepted at a so-called top-10 hospital. Humana Gold Plus,... Read more »

My family's experience with hospitalists

My dad was in the hospital for 18 days until his release to a nursing home Tuesday for physical therapy. At age 99, he was fighting pneumonia and its aftereffects. During that time my family experienced a relatively new breed of physicians called hospitalists. Until the 1990s, hospitalized patients were visited by their own doctors.... Read more »

Handy tips for not losing gloves

Winter has just begun, and already I’ve lost a glove. That makes one lost every winter for at least three years. The jacket with shallow pockets that open on a slant is the culprit. Well, my habit of walking with my hands in my coat pockets is to blame, too. If the gloves are in... Read more »

The aging brain: increase as well as decline

Quite a few commentators have noted the creaky ages of prominent politicians. Nancy Pelosi is 79, Bernie Sanders 78, Mitch McConnell 77, Joe Biden 76, and Donald Trump 73. I’ve tended to say that if they’re up to the task, their age is irrelevant (in Trump’s case, he’d be incompetent at any age). Two recent... Read more »