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Vitamin D needs are bones of contention

Maybe you’ve heard reports that many people are now deficient in vitamin D, “the sunshine vitamin,” as we’ve tried to ward off skin cancer by staying out of the sun or wearing sunscreen. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Sunlight used to be our bodies’ main source of vitamin D, its ultraviolet rays... Read more »

A story for tomato season

And now for my annual report about container gardening on the balcony . . . Unlike earlier failures — growing annuals in railing planters, keeping container perennials alive outdoors over the winter, and keeping plants brought indoors alive over the winter — the 2019 gardening season was looking successful. The floor planters were thriving, with... Read more »

What's in my masala dabba

Indian cooks keep a masala dabba in the kitchen. It is a round, stainless steel, tightly closed container that holds seven little bowls of spices and a small spoon or two for dispensing them. The spices vary with the cook and are supposed to be those she uses most often. Traditional Indian cooks include salt,... Read more »

The grueling task of cleaning out parents’ home

My mother likely has never heard of Marie Kondo (Tidying Up with Marie Kondo), and they probably would find little in common. Mom comes from the Depression generation that keeps everything that you or your kids or grandkids might use someday, or that has sentimental value. She and Dad stocked enough cleaning supplies to equip... Read more »